a red letter day {a class with Camille}

So I’m home from my trip away {was greeted with the sweetest of bear hugs from my two favourite people} and must apologise ahead for the wordiness of this post and for all the times I use amazing and gorgeous as adjectives throughout!


The trip was a breeze {I honestly don’t know what all my fuss was about!}, a lovely man on the train helped me and my pregnant self with my bags and I was on my way. The night before the class I literally couldn’t sleep in anticipation of meeting Camille – I talked here about my absolute adoration of everything she does. It sounds silly, but here’s a person I have been following on the www and has provided some of the most influence on my creative ventures. There are a handful of them, and I’m meeting more and more inspiring quilters each day, but Camille has, and probably always will, be different in that she was the first {right from when I first found that Bliss fabric pack in my local quilt store}.

The morning of the class I was a bundle of nerves {again not sure what all my fuss was about} and I was so determined not to make a silly nuisance of myself or seem way overbearing. There was no fear of saying the wrong thing, as I went a little bit speechless when she first said hello, only managing a very awkward hello in reply! This is completely what it feels like to be star-struck I am sure!

Class started at Fifi’s Fabricology {which has the be one of my favourite online shopping outlets} with introductions and then we set off to make some of the most gorgeous red letter day blocks {I have been following the progress of other classes on Instagram since and am still amazed at how beautiful and striking these blocks are}. I picked a selection of Bonnie and Camille fabric, pulling some of my favourite colours and prints from each of their lines {I’ve some Bliss here at home, and am determined to use it in at least one block!}.


There were giveaways, gorgeous views {Fifi’s is as amazing in the flesh as it is online!} and great company. I met some of the most wonderful and talented women during the class, some having seen this blog and reading along {always a treat to meet a fan of mine – even if I was having my own little ‘star-struck’ moment!}. Camille was gorgeous, and I had some of the best opportunity to interact with her, ask questions {some probably seeming so silly} and took probably way too many photos {I seriously overgrammed photos from this day!}.


{so happy there were tears…shh don’t tell!}

I left that night on a high, and super excited to return for the trunk show the following morning. This was amazing. Amazing. I saw the original Swoon quilt and it is perfect. Just perfect. Camille had several of her quilts {I’m not sure how they all fit but am so so happy they did!}.

Red Letter Day.




Puddle Jumping.


Spell it with Moda.


Those oh-so-popular minis.


and this special one-of-a-kind.


I was sad to see the bottom of that quilt pile, but so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my quilting idol {that sounds corny – but so true}. Big thankyou to Di Mill for organising such an amazing opportunity, Fiona at Fifi’s for her wonderful hospitality {the gorgeous views and the afternoon rain shower!}, Holly for coming along, for being her gorgeous self {and for becoming one of my first Instagram followers} and of course Camille – for the advice, the guidance, the love and friendship she showed us all and for including me so sweetly in a special little project {more on this tomorrow!}.

All in all – gorgeous girl; amazingly talented; super blessed {to have had the opportunity}; and hopeful {for another in the future}.



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  1. Ro says

    I totally love the special one of a kind one! I really enjoyed this post, I sipped my wine and it was like sitting down and having a chat with you!!

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