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Last week I was invited by one of my ever faith-ful {excuse the pun!} reader Faith {aka Willit Neverend} to participate in a Blog Hop of sorts. I jumped at this opportunity a} because I love a chance at ‘meeting’ new bloggers, and b} how else am I going to get an invitation into the sewing/crafting rooms of so many talented people all around the world? Faith’s leg of the journey is here {I’d love for you to all go pay her a visit and check out her colour wheel quilt…} simply gorgeous and only her third ever quilt!

so… here goes!

For those new to – firstly a huge big welcome! I’m Keera – thankyou for stopping by to have a look around and say hi! First, and foremost, I am a wife and mum to one {and a half – due November 2014}, daughter, sister, teacher, sewer, quilter and designer. We live and work on a large cattle station in South West QLD, Australia.


I love sewing and handicrafts with always a project {or two!} on the go. Having made my first quilt at fourteen, on the floor of my Grandma’s sewing room, I have a real love and passion for quilting. I set out to design and share my patterns, drawing inspiration from those around me and the gorgeous fabrics available to play with. I’m a firm believer that a sewer and quilter can never have enough fabric {just ask my husband!}, and my designs all work to showcase the colour and pattern found in each. I am working towards my ultimate goal of having some of my own fabric designs and draw on those around me to help me reach this {I’ll have promised free fabric samples to half the quilting world by the time it actually happens!!}.


Secondly, I have a few questions I need to answer, and then we’ll get right on to introducing a couple of super inspiring bloggers I’d like you to meet.

What am I working on?

I seem to be working on so many things at the moment – I’m in fear of having a creative meltdown again so am trying to limit what I work on to just a few projects at once. I used to be a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl, but I will be honest and say that my baby brain and I are quite enjoying being able to pick and choose as the mood suits. I’ve a tutorial for my Kate Spain charmed quilt which will be published Wednesday this week; I’m putting the finishing quilted touches on a new pattern to be released next week; I’ve received the backing fabric for my quilt-along with Camille Roskelley quilt using Terra Australis which is waiting to be basted; along with an Amy Butler bag for my youngest sister, and a jacket pattern I’m experimenting with for my daughter Lil.



My to-make quilt list is ridiculously long, as are the planned patterns sitting in my sketchbook and on my ipad. I have piles of fabric pulled all over my sewing room for different projects and I just can’t bring myself to put them away!



Why do I create and do what I do?

As I mentioned earlier, I have a real passion for what I do. I have an even stronger passion for sharing this with other people. I love teaching and I love creating. If my patterns and my work can inspire just one other person to fall in love with sewing and quilting then I’m the happiest girl alive.


Part of my journey began with following along some super talented quilters and designers and their blogs. Their tutorials and patterns really helped spark the quilter in me, and continue to inspire me everyday. I like to be able to do that for others too – help them to learn to love creating, to gift a handmade gift, try their hand at a new recipe or diy project or use my tutorials and patterns in ways I hadn’t imagined them myself.

How does my creating process work?

My creative process usually begins with an idea {or two} and I will quickly sketch them out in my sketchbook or on my ipad {quiltography app}. Quilt designs generally evolve with a fabric pull or collection in mind and are tweaked in my Electric Quilt 7 program. I make the quilt, finish it {hopefully!} and then write my pattern up using Word. I’m playing with the Illustrator program at the moment, and am hoping that it makes this process much more efficient!


Recipes are re-inventions of family recipes or favourites, and the sewing, decorating and other-crafty-Keera-stuff is usually inspired by many {many} pins on my pinterest boards.


And, onto the introductions…

I have been following Paula from The Sassy Quilter now for over twelve months – her quilts are amazing, her tutorials are quilting lifesavers {and not only for the beginner quilter!} and with just the right ‘sassy-ness’ she’s one of my favourite reads {I absolutely agree that the world can be changed one quilt at a time!}. Paula hosted the Triangle Quilt-Along earlier this year that inspired so many gorgeous quilts popping up all over the web {mine’s sitting on that ridiculously long to-make list!}. Paula also began quilting with the help of her Grandma {I love that we have this in common!} and shares her quilt story here. I cannot wait to check her post next week!

Mel of Ms Midge fame is one of the most popular Australian quilters and bloggers. I stumbled across her blog way-back-when when google searching for ‘Australian sewing blogs’. It was only this year {when I finally joined facebook and Instagram} that I finally became an ‘active’ follower and signed up to her Aussie Kate Spain charm swap. I love everything that Mel does and shares, she writes and creates with such honesty and passion {her bio page is a must!} and am stoked to have been able to become ‘blogging friends’ with her.


Lastly, but certainly not least, is Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts. An Australian quilter living in Japan with her small family, I absolutely admire Alyce for both the bravery and adventurous nature it takes to live OS and for her amazing talent. Alyce uses colour in her quilts faultlessly, and is an inspiration for fabric pulls all over the world. Her paper-piecing is to die for {I’ve pinned so many tutorials!}, and continues to host Sew Cute Tuesday each week to provide a platform for bloggers and creators all over the world to share their makes.

I can’t wait to see what these girls come up with next week. Thanks for joining me – hope to see you around here again soon! 

Keera x


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  1. says

    You’ve inspired me :)

    Thanks for joining in, Keera, it’s nice getting to know you a little better. I love that photo of you and your family. I suppose you will have to take a new one soon :)

    Although I am a multiple-WIPs kind of girl, it actually becomes easily frustrating and overwhelming. It’s a good idea that you are trying to stick to moderation in that area :)

    I’m curious to find out more about the jacket pattern you are working on.

    Best of luck with your fabric designing! I’m really looking forward to seeing where that leads you.

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