candy wheels {a charity quilt}

The National Breast Cancer Foundation and the McGrath Foundation are two Australian charities that I hold very dear to me, having personal experience with the disease in my family, and so too for many of my closest friends. When I was asked by the most gorgeous of local ladies if I would like to donate something to be raffled for a Pink & Blue Ribbon Day {awareness and fund raising for local men and women struggling with the disease} I jumped at the opportunity.


This quilt was my first venture into pattern writing {and not so successful I may add…} – it never really eventuated into much. I wrote the pattern, got several printed and fell out of love with it. I lost the nerve and was mindfully embarrassed about what I had put together. I couldn’t believe that I had written a pattern for a block and a quilt and an idea that was so simple – no one was going to buy this – they didn’t even know who I was…!?




And so ‘Candy Wheels’ just sat hidden away in a cupboard, along with the printed patterns. Out of sight and out of mind. Right around the same time as making this quilt, my Grandma was also diagnosed – I can remember getting up from the sewing machine to take the phone call and how my heart sank just as hard as every other time you heard that type of news. Safe to say this quilt was never really one I had my whole {happy} heart into – it was a means to use charm packs {!}, and an easy step-up into blog-world and quilt-world and pattern-world – or so I thought!



trimming threads…

When I cleaned out my sewing space a couple of months ago I came across this little lap quilt and fell in love with it all over again. I am amazed that I haven’t gifted or used it until now – the fabric is bright and cheery, the pattern – while simple is still very sweet. It’s a make I wish I had more faith in – I won’t be releasing the pattern for this one as I had originally planned {too much time has passed and my design ideas differ somewhat to back then}, but this quilt is destined for someone to hopefully make their day and put a little smile on their face. A little piece of love and brightness that I can share – the intention may not have been there way back when but it certainly is now. The icing on the cake is that all the proceeds of this quilt are headed to local Cancer charity groups.


I just wish I knew 3 years ago that this was a ‘giving’ type of project and not one that deserved to be locked in a cupboard! It’s currently sitting in the dryer ready to be packed up for tomorrow’s charity event!




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  1. Lea says

    What a cheerful and lovely quilt. Whoever ends up with this quilt will certainly treasure it for it’s beauty as well as the special meaning behind it.

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