dolly days {a quilt for Lil}

Things have been quiet on the blog front… not so on the sewing {and designing} front though! I like to think that’s why you haven’t heard from me… too busy cutting, and piecing and quilting! Throw in a spot of garment sewing {for my mum and little sister}, a trip to visit family, meetings and work and planning and you’ve lost me for the past 1o days!

I have admired so many quilts made with Bonnie & Camille’s Scrumptious line {and have a secret one of my own I just can’t quite show you yet…} and had desperately wanted to turn those gorgeous little prints into a sweet little dolls quilt. I’ll be honest and say {very openly!} that I never really ‘got’ the whole dolls quilt thing until my own ‘little mummy’ came along, complete with Dolly, pram and a lovely handmade dolls crib {thanks Nanny J!}. Safe to say I ‘got’ it, and couldn’t wait to get started adding some handmade quilty touches to Lil’s make-believe, which at this stage, is purely her pushing the pram {complete with ALL her ‘stuff’}, and climbing into the crib with Dolly.




Used a couple of Moda mini charm or Candy packs just to get two of each print – after finishing it can completely see it all scrappy and mis-matched. It measures {a whole!} 16.5 x 22 inches and was the perfect piece to practice some new free motion designs. I straight-line quilted the ‘stars’ and added free-motion swirls and flower forms in each. Its made it super-stiff, but I’m sure Dolly {in all her form} really won’t mind!




I’m working on a free tutorial to share with you all – that and {what feels like a million} pattern designs for my shop. Just need to find the time {and the fabric!} to make them all a reality!What have you all been working on?


Keera {and Lil & Dolly}

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    She is just the CUTEST thing evah! Well, at least since my Lil was actually little-ha! Very sweet quilt you made her. I did something similar for mine & she kept it around for years! I think I need to make it itnto a little pillow for her to take to uni… Thanks for sharing!

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    Awww! Sew precious! Your scrumptious dolly quilt is just so sweet! Looks like your little ‘doll’ is having a wonderful time tucking in her little doll with this gorgeous quilt. The quilting is fabulous!

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    If I had a baby I would constantly be making her things, and at least with doll quilts you make a lot more patterns then if you had to make them all bigger! I love her pram, how sweet.

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    I didn’t get dolls quilts except on dolls and teds. I got into them when my son was little and made one for his teddy, and watching him play with it was adorable. My daughter came next and she had to have a few of her own: one for each pram and one for having tea parties on. Too cute! Those fabrics are perfect together as a dolls quilt and I am envious of the pram. I had one just like it growing up but my mum got rid of it when we moved as teenagers. I would have loved to have kept it for my daughter.

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