I’m baaack!!! {and an announcement}

annoucement 2

{images taken by: Amy Wormwell Photography – Brisbane}

Just a super quick post to let you all know I am still alive… and also pregnant! {which more than explains the last couple of months and feeling like blaah}.

I have been dying to tell you all and want to thank every one who left me a comment or sent a gorgeous email to help me out of my sewing slump {I still haven’t replied to all of them but I will!} – it means so much to me that I have readers who were cheering for me, and offering all sorts of fun {and serious} advice to beating the sewing blues. Truth is, most of the time I have been fighting yucky not-only-morning-but-all-the-time-sickness and clinging to a bucket!

I’ve been working on the sewing bit by bit though – I have a new baby to plan sewing projects for {!} – with plenty of R&R on a holiday to Australia’s Top End, signing up for a Camille Roskelley class on the Gold Coast – I know I know… I just may faint with the feeling of overwhelmedness {that so should be a word!} and I may or may not have been spending some time planning a secret project using her latest Miss Kate fabric!

Just a fun Friday post – it makes me smile, and if all goes according to my first baby and first pregnancy the morning sickness should ease anytime now… or so I’m hoping!


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  1. Angela Smith says

    Congratulations!! How exciting for all of you! Lucky you getting to take a class with Camille , I love everything she does, make sure to let us know how it goes!

  2. Penny says

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog recently, and I’m glad to hear your good news! Congratulations!! I hope the morning sickness passes quickly and you are able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. says


    I was smiling while reading your ‘neon scarf’ post, knowing that it was followed by this one. If there is one thing I remember from pregnancy, it is EXHAUSTION! Best of luck with morning sickness and regaining your energy.

    BTW, your haircut looks amazing.

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