new year reflections {& a wish}

Just a few thoughts and a note to wish you all a very {belated} Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and successful New Year.

2013 was an amazing year both personally for my little family and I and also for pattern co. with more than a few ups and with a couple of downs thrown in as a test every now and then.

We farewelled my gorgeous grandma {who continues to live through all the little projects, the traditional quilt blocks in her books and each time we fire up the over locker I’ve learnt to love!} this time last year. Such a spunky lady, who said what she thought and fought to the end. She met my Lil for the first time a week before she left us, and I will be forever grateful to have been able to spend that one last Christmas with her, and to be able to say goodbye. I love you and I miss you Grandma x

I started blogging again towards the middle of the year, and in a little over six months managed to really work on and share my dream of pattern writing. The shop is still empty, but have big plans to stock it in the new year with some fresh and modern variations of traditional quilts {just like the ones from my Grandma’s book!} as well as a few cross stitch and home decor designs.

We watched our baby grow this year, turn 1 and become such an independent little girl.

Lilla is such a whirlwind – she’s got a contagious personality, is such fun to be around and continually makes me smile. Her giggles and laughs are infectious and the new experiences amaze me both as a mother and as a teacher. Continually in awe of how quickly children of this age pick things up. She loves playing in my sewing room, likes to ‘help’ baste all my quilts and has been caught ‘un-bundling’ fat quarters and pre-cut packs {me thinks we may have another fabric fanatic on our hands!}.

I haven’t taught at all this year, taking the year off to be a mumma, and work part-time at home on the station. I miss teaching everyday, but wouldn’t change what I’m doing now for the world. I would like to spend some time in 2014 doing some supply teaching if I can – just the odd day here or there. I miss the kids, I miss my classroom, and can’t help but feel sometimes I’m so far behind on the happenings of our little town because I’m removed from it every day.

Our town lost a wonderful child this year in a tragic accident. Breaking the hearts of his gorgeous family, his friends and their families, his teachers and the whole community. Not mentioning it at the time as it was so difficult to come to terms with, and it not being the time or place. Someone who always had {and always will} hold a special place in my heart – I feel blessed to have been able to spend almost a full year with him and his classmates, watch him grow and develop and will forever hold dear his crooked little smile, and the gorgeous drawing he drew of me and my baby before I went on leave. I can’t imagine the pain his parents feel and hope that for as long as I am alive I never have to say goodbye to a child, or to one of my students again. has shared some free patterns and downloads during the past year, a huge highlight being accepted and published as a moda bake shop chef. What a thrill to see my pattern shared all over the world, and the comments and emails I received were amazing and confirmation of the work and the love that goes into each one of my projects. I have plans to share more through the moda bake shop during 2014. I just love their fabric, their designers and the products that are offered to quilters and sewers with a love of beautiful things and a desire for quality. I have made so many friends along the way this year through the blog, and I hope to continue to inspire and be inspired by others during the next twelve months.

2013 was the year for baby quilts at which only means that 2013 was the year for babies! We were thrilled to hear news of some of our closest friends being blessed with first babies {some being a while coming!!} and also second and thirds {and a fourth!}. Each and every one being sent a quilty bundle {I did really set the precedent here!}. Here’s hoping there’s just as many in 2014 cause we love babies *wink wink*!

My little sister was married this year, my brother built a house {or two!} and the baby of the family has moved to the farm complete with her own pigs, cows and a wheat crop! Such the farmers wife and super-hot at it!

We went on a couple of family holidays and worked silly through the busy times. We prayed for rain {and are still waiting!} and watched the landscape around us change. I’ve cooked, and I’ve baked, I’ve sewed and quilted. Gotten better at domestic duties and keeping the laundry pile under wraps. We sold bulls and a horse, trained more work dogs and ‘allowed’ chooks to take up residence {I still haven’t been near them!}.

2014 is a year not for resolutions and major declarations of change for me. 2014 comes with a single wish that it brings happiness in whatever form to myself and my family as well as all our family, friends and my faithful readers and followers. May you have enough to make you happy, may you share it with the ones you love {and perhaps a rain cloud or two to sit under!!}

Would love to hear your thoughts on 2013 and your simple wish {or resolutions} for the new one. Perhaps you have something you would like to see on or a pattern request?

Until I see you in 2014, take care…

Keera x

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