packing {a bag or two}

I mentioned on one of my last posts {which was way too long ago and I am dreadfully sorry} about being able to spend the day with Camille Roskelley and attend one of her Red Letter Day classes while here in Australia.

So tomorrow afternoon I fly to Brisbane, and then make the transit by train {which is scaring me unnecessarily – this is totally another story which involves a public bus and two counties in Washington, USA when I was 16 that I’ll leave for another time…} to the Gold Coast to stay with family for a couple of nights. On Tuesday I head to Fifi’s to meet one of my most idolised quilters and attend one of her classes, I’m also heading back on the Wednesday morning to her trunk show and a chance to see some of those amazing quilts in person.

I also mentioned in my post of a secret project using her latest fabric Miss Kate – its not really a secret, more maybe I just didn’t say anything for absolute fear of putting my self out there as a try-hard or suck-up, a super-crazy fan {or worse a stalker of the quilty-sort?}. 


I made a gift. For Camille. Out of her fabric… {please say I’m not the only one who does this sort of thing?!}

To thank her for such an amazing opportunity {as I am sure ahead of time that I will love my day on Tuesday and I will love the heck out of real-life-Camille just as much as I do online-life-Camille!} and how much I appreciate every little thing she does. 


I started following Camille’s blog long before I had one myself, and always have her fabric in my stash. Most fabric pulls in my sewing room involve a print of Bonnie & Camille’s, most projects begin with a flick through either one of her books and I’ve re-pinned more than my share of her pinterest pins!


This journal cover is similar to a couple I made for swap partners over 3 years ago that I never completed the tutorial for – it incorporates card pockets and a zippered pouch for markers or sewing notions. I use my design journal for block ideas and design sketches {that I will hopefully use one day} – it fits a Moleskine art journal or notebook which just about has the nicest quality paper I’ve come across. Perfect for drawings, fabric swatches, notes or letters.


In addition to a gift for Camille, I used the rest of the charm pack I’d won to make myself a box pouch and a Sew Together Bag. Yup, you heard right, one charm pack and I managed to get a journal cover, a zippered pouch and a Sew Together Bag {almost} made from it. Slight hiccup on the bag – seems I need to get to town more often and pick myself up enough zippers in the right size – but once I do, my last quilted piece of Miss Kate goodness WILL become a completed bag.


I’ve packed up my boxy pouch, along with my sewing machine, my cutter and ruler and all other notions {and ‘essentials’} ready to meet Camille – just need to come to terms with a baby-and-husband-free-holiday {surely Camille is enough reason not to cry over being away from them overnight!?}.



I can’t wait to share my day with you – wish me luck on that train and for the tear-less airport farewell {it is only two nights after all!}


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  1. Melanie C says

    Both projects look lovely!!!! I’m sure she will love the gift!
    My husband said I’m a “quilty stalker” of Camille as well :). I love her fabrics, patterns, and quilts too.
    Enjoy your mini trip and meeting Camille.

  2. says

    That is awesome and something I would do for another who has given me so much inspiration! If you ever finish that tutorial I would love to see how you made the journal cover! The zippy pouch is a wonderful addition :). Also can’t wait to hear about your day!!!!!!!! (<– that excited for you)

  3. Willit Neverend says

    What a great gift. She will love it. The pouch looks great, too. Enjoy your little adventure.

  4. Angela Smith says

    Such beautiful gifts, I’m sure she’ll love them! I am also a,HUGE fan of everything Camille does and buy all her fabrics and patterns. How wonderful you’re meeting her, can’t wait to hear about your trip!! Have a lovely time and safe travels, you’ll be home before you know it, enjoy!

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