playing catch ups {just a few things}

Its really safe to say that things have been pretty hectic around here; I know I say it regularly – that I’ve been meaning to post, and I have so much to tell you – it is true though, I just haven’t had space to sit and type. So this leaves me with some fairly random {and some highly important!} things to share. Starting with, and in no particular priority-or-necessary order {its just baby brain at its best people!}:

I am currently working on too many projects, one of which is a set of cushion covers for chairs for a very special friend of mine in this gorgeous Amy Butler print. I’m behind on this project {and by the end of this post you may see a trend developing…} – just needing to pick up some more piping cord tomorrow to be able to finish it off. Can’t wait to see them finished and back on those chairs C! x

My Kate Spain Aussie Charm swap fabric arrived last week – I already had a plan of what I wanted to do with these charms, and set to marking, sewing and trimming {it felt criminal to cut those gorgeous prints up} each of them. They just need a press, and some quilt-y magic to happen now! Huge shout out to MsMidge for organising this swap, and a mention of a little charm sew-along competition she is hosting over here.

I finally cut into my Terra Australis fabric for this {super-exciting-still-pinching-myself} quilt-along. I’ve a plan, and I’m slowly executing it. Problem is it has to be perfect. Perfect. So I’m maybe taking my time ensuring those half square triangles, and four-patches are e.x.a.c.t.l.y the right size, and all those seams match up. I’ve quite a talented bunch to be compared with after-all!


I bought a Fat Quarter bundle of Flea Market Fancy Legacy on a complete ‘impulse shopping’ splurge the other night. I love these fabrics, and couldn’t resist a pack of them. I’ve a quilt pattern in mind, and am just going to have to be a little restrained when it arrives not to start it straight away.

Speaking of fabric purchases – I received an email from the lovely Val of Val’s Quilting Studio – she and her husband have an annual Piggy Bank Money for Quilting Challenge with all your saved proceeds going to personal fabric shopping. Head over here and join the challenge – goodness knows I need to do something! 

End of Financial Year came just as quickly as it went it feels, and as a result I’ve been spending long hours reconciling bank accounts and tax paperwork for the past year. We bought a new accounting program so its a bit more work than normal, but am loving it. I was at the accountant on the 1st July this year – not saying it’s a sign of things to come, but certainly a good start for this little {completely-money-and-finance-ditzbag} duck.

I’m hooked on Instagram. Just putting it out there. I’m a bit chuffed with all the IG love I’ve been getting from followers. I may need to work on a social media plan?! You may have also noticed that most of the photos from this post are care of Instagram – {p.s. you can find me here… ;)}. 

Am seriously loving the Moda Bake Shop trifle dish quilts that are popping up on the www. What gorgeous designs, and such a special way to use up favourite fabrics or scraps. I’m seriously crushing Sandy’s from UpStairsHobbyRoom and NeedledMom’s – oh my the colour!  The linky is open for another week – I can’t wait to see them all!

I’m adding the last quilting touches to the next pattern co. pattern. This one was {sort-of} designed by my husband. It started with him playing around with my EQ7 program, and after a bit of tweaking we had a pattern that {we were both} I was happy with! Its different, and probably not to everyone’s tastes, but I love it and can’t wait to share it with you. 


I’m half-way through my pregnancy – {truth be, I’m probably over half way} but ‘officially’ with dates etc I’m halfway. We aren’t finding out the sex of the baby, as we didn’t with Lil. I love the excitement of not knowing {but it manages to frustrate others?!} and those first few seconds when you have that new bub in your arms. My dad and I were the only two convinced with my first pregnancy that I was having a girl – and this one is no different. I see another gold-ilocks in our little bunch {just saying…!}, but come November we will see! 


I’m craving dairy – which is pretty much all I craved during my first pregnancy. Plus side is I’m supporting the Australian dairy industry, flip-side is we’re going through milk and cheese like its nobody’s business. Strawberry milk is a weakness, as is ice-cream. 

This one has been keeping us on our toes – we are officially toilet training, and she very proudly declares {to anyone listening} ‘poo’ as we scurry quickly off.


We are heading away for family date-night this weekend to beautiful Brisbane for a QLD-NSW rugby match. Both FJ and I are huge rugby fans, and with another QLD baby on the way I am more than out-numbered when it comes to the colour jersey {or beanie in this weather} that we wear! Can’t wait though, and am so looking forward to a bit of walk-around-the-shops time somewhere in between the football and hotdogs.

I’m absolutely sure I’ve not mentioned something, and once I head to bed I will remember. With my new ‘social media plan’ plan I’m hoping to have a regular blog-night, to write, to schedule and to plan out posts for the week. Bear with me… {or wish me luck?!}




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    We found out the sex of our kids before they were born. It was never our intention, but during my first pregnancy absolutely everybody that took the time to tell me, told me they thought that I was going to have a boy. EVERYONE! Somehow that had me a little panicked and I decided that I needed to find out what we were going to have so that I could get used to the idea. Turns out we were having a girl. For my other two pregnancies we decided to find out, just out of curiosity, I suppose. The one thing we kept a surprise were their names, and I’m glad we did, because every man and his dog (and every woman and her dog) has an opinion on what you want to name your child (strangely, cats tend to remain silent on the matter, and only occasionally does a bird offer its two cents worth), when it’s really a very personal choice.

    I’m loving the colours I can see in that stack of Terra Australis fabrics. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the above turned into lovely finishes.
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