quilt treasures {a reader feature}

A few months ago, when visiting some great friends, I was shown these two {most amazing} antique quilts.



Felt quite the nerd swooning over these two, running my hands over the fabrics and admiring the most intricate of cuts, and hand piecing to make them what they are. The quilts were given to my friend from her Great Aunt, from the US – its not sure if this Aunt is the maker of these two quilts, but that doesn’t at all take away from them being the most precious of gifts, and loved and cherished even today.




The fabric has aged, but in my eyes they are still as perfect as the day they were made. I can’t fathom the time it took to hand piece these quilts {let alone cut them out!}. I’ve made like 4 hexies in my whole life {there is a project sitting somewhere in this room with all the scraps, and paper pieces…} so I have the utmost respect for this process. Don’t get me started on Y-Seams!




Image Sources: All photos are credits to R {and such gorgeous photos they are too!}

Thankyou so much R for sharing these with me – they are still loved and used and as a quilt designer and maker, that’s something I can only hope and say about my own quilts into the future. Has been an absolute pleasure featuring these – whilst not made from one of my patterns, or made by one of my readers its still an art that so many of us love and I’m thrilled to share them with you all {also love that I have good friends that share my ‘quilt nerd’ status ;-)}


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  1. says

    Oh my god ! What Amazing quilts! I am so glad you were able to feature these. I love hand quilting and piecingso this was a real treat for me. Happy sewing and greetings from Switzerland. Love your blog!

  2. Susan Lambrix says

    I’m so glad you shared these. I just want to know who made these………………it would be awesome to meet them and watch them as they made these. I have on like the Dresden that my great grandmother made and it is one of my greatest treasures!
    Sue Lambrix

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