quilting with Camille {an offer you can’t refuse}

On my trip away last week I was given an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. One I was mad not to jump at the opportunity and even more excited about than any other project I have worked on.

Let me back-track.

I won’t harp on again about how much I love this person, or was absolutely blessed to have spent time with her, but what I will say is when such a person suggests you join in on a little group project you {firstly, squeal a little inside} say yes. Absolutely no doubt about, it put-everything-else-further-down-the-list, big fat YES!

After the trunk show, and as I was saying goodbye to Camille and Holly they invited me to join them in a quilt-along of sorts. The girls had picked fabric from the Terra Australis collection, designed by Emma Jean Jansen for Ella Blue Fabrics, and were set to make a quilt each to remind them of their adventures and time in Australia.

They asked me to design and make one too – a big oh my follows right about now… {did I mention I said yes?!}. I purchased the other half of some of the fat quarters picked by Camille and Holly and off we all went.


{I fall more and more in love with these prints each time I see them… yummo!}

I was so excited I {truthfully, called my husband almost in tears I was so taken back} started drafting ideas all the way back to the airport {in between conversations with a lovely lady who reminded me of one of my old teachers}. I wanted to showcase these gorgeous prints in the best and most meaningful way I possibly could. I started drawing out some of these ideas in the airport on my iPad {quiltography app} and had a design decided upon on the plane on my way home. Quilt design 101 {in Keera’s world!}.


I’ve cut, pieced and finished a test block already, and am set to cut into those fat quarters {would it be too eager if I start sooner?!} in the next couple of days. I am super stoked for this quilt to be done – I can’t wait to share it and the journey with you all, and with Camille and Holly. It’s one I’m sure I will cherish for a long long time.

Keera x

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  1. Melanie C says

    Can’t wait to see your lovely quilt!
    How do you like the iPad app? I just checked it out…a bit spendy, but like the idea!

    • Keera says

      Thanks Melanie – I love the app – it’s basic and I always end up reproducing the designs in EQ7 so I have correct measurements and can use images etc. I primarily use the app for on the go ideas, and have played around with some of the standard blocks that come pre loaded in the library. It can seem expensive, and unfortunately doesn’t have a free trial {that I know of?!}. Maybe read up on a few reviews and see if that helps more with the decision?
      Keera x

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