rising sun {a challenge}

A couple of the blogs I follow {and their more-than-gorgeous authors!} regularly submit projects to the monthly le challenge. I’ve admired some of their projects, and the creativity, for too long now and was a bit excited to commit myself to the February le challenge. This month the theme was rising sun, and after reading Alyce’s inspiration started to pin and plan some of my own ideas.


This design is my final cut after mulling over quilts, and skirts {this one would have definately made my bum look too big!}, and watercolours {I should leave the fine arts to those who can!} and am loving the simplicity. I love a good quote, and I love a text-based stitching project. Love the wheat yellow which gives it loads of warmth. A perfect match! This one is destined for my sewing space to {hopefully} inspire new ideas!?


As a bit of a bonus for all my readers {and anyone who stumbles across this post!} is a free pattern download so you can join in on the fun.


How would you interpret the rising sun theme? What would you make?


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  1. says

    What a great project! I also love stitched words and your color choice is spot-on. Great job! And thanks for passing on the link so I can make it too! :)

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