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I write this post as I sit on the plane to Brisbane – perhaps with too many emotions to write a post {I didn’t manage to keep the farewell tear free!} but bear with me as I know you all will be able to help me out with a small dilemma I’ve been having over the past few months.

It began {truthfully, probably ages ago} a couple of months ago when I received a bundle of precut fabric in the post, amidst all the early pregnancy exhaustion and morning sickness I couldn’t help but fall in love with the pretty packaged fat quarters and absentmindedly said to my husband:

‘I want to do this one day’
‘What, buy more fabric?’ was his reply, ‘you do do it… most days!’ {jokingly}
‘No, have my own fabric all bundled up beautifully and used by people all over the world to make gorgeous things’,
‘So do it’ was all he said in reply.


image source: http://www.pinkcastlefabrics.com/collections/collection-garden-party-tango

I blew it off right then and there {I guess it’s been a pipe dream and something I haven’t really entertained apart from just being that… A silly dream}. A week later FJ bought it up again {no prompting involved} and said if this was something I really loved and really wanted to do then why couldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I?

We talked about the expense of software programs {photoshop and illustrator aren’t exactly the cheapest programs on the market!}, the fact that I’m not a graphic designer or illustrator and also about how on earth you start doing something like that. His very simple conclusion was that the programs couldn’t cost more than the room full of fabric I’ve collected {hoarded} and that I’m never going to know until I try. Safe to say I’ve the support of my husband if this is something I think I can make work.


image source:http://camilleroskelley.typepad.com

But that’s just it, I’m not sure I can. Can I really be a good mumma to two kids, a wife working part time as well as a fabric designer? I mean, I’ve published one quilt pattern out of {what seems like} a thousand in my head! I only have a small-ish following with what I do now – I’m not even sure if I’m good at designing patterns?! I think I am, but is that enough? I like drawing, but it’s not illustrator/artist quality stuff guys!


image source: http://www.sameliasmum.com/2012/10/new-moda-precuts.html

I’m not afraid of knock backs, I’m also not afraid to fail if I do try {the guitar thing never really did work out for me!}. I guess I’m more or less putting it out there that I do want something more from this creative passion I have – it may {will} not happen overnight, but in putting it out there in a forum to you all I {hopefully} have the love and support of those around me to work away at it. One pattern and one drawing {and perhaps one new computer program?} at a time!


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  1. Michelle says

    Follow your dreams! If your fabric is a beautiful as your quilts are, then I hope to be one of your first customers :)

  2. says

    Why not start with a drawing, then get it printed by spoonflower. I have a crafty acquaintance who draws first then scans + uploads into inkscape to finish it. Inkscape is a free svg application, its worth taking a look at before splurging on illustrator + photoshop.

  3. says

    Designing a fabric collection is something I want to do as well. However, since I am only 19 and studying chemistry at college, I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I would take it one day at a time, a few drawings here and there and then see where that takes you. I like Sarah’s suggestion to have your design printed on Spoonflower, that is something that I would love to do as well!

  4. says

    Go for it, is what I say. When I had the “bright” idea that I wanted to write a quilt book I had all the doubts about whether I could, was I good enough, would anyone buy it, etc. I finally plucked up the courage to submit my plan to a publisher, and 6 weeks later I had a contract and was on my way to becoming a quilt designer and author. So if I can do it, any one can.
    QuiltSue recently posted…Why is it …My Profile

  5. Sheila Rogers says

    Please, go for it. Take the project and break it down into small pieces. You will regret it at some point if you don’t. Seize the day!

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