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About a month ago, through one of my followers {and sister to a wonderful girl I know} I stumbled across AJ’s site and her fabulous kick the bucket 2014 project.

The aim for this year is to pick one of those work in progress projects… {you know the unfinished ones sitting away out of sight…}. There are a few guidelines for the challenge – the WIPs need to be at least 12 months old {so not the hexie quilt you started last week!}; and they are only considered finished when they are fully finished and being used {this is not just the quilt top but the whole thing, and frighteningly the cross stitch project finally hanging on the wall type stuff…}. Just a means to make me accountable for the projects I start… and need to finish before I {should} happily begin new ones.

I have too many of these projects – and am determined to have them finished and out of my hands – most of these {not all… but most!} are out of my current style projects or likes, so AJ’s suggestions are to gift them {either finished or unfinished}, or repurpose them into something new.

The list begins with a couple of applique projects:


I bought this quilt kit ages ago {try nearly 10} when I was living in Bathurst {way before husband and daughter days!} from Anni’s shop. She has the most adorable patterns and quilt kits {her new fabric line is to die for!}. I was in love with hand sewing and stitching at the time and used to sit inside for hours at night during winter and stitch to my hearts content. This kit was a way of combining some needlework with quilting which was something I was really getting into at the time. Unfortunately the 1/4″ seam wasn’t something I was overly familiar with way back when and so my seams don’t at all line up. I’m tempted to finish this as is and gift it – but the perfectionist in me wants to unpick it all and start again with my 1/4″ foot! What do you think? Quick fix for a gift?


This next one was a block of the month that I bought from a quilt shop when FJ and I first started dating – I’m not sure who I was originally making this for to be honest but its definitely a child’s quilt or wallhanging.


These blocks are gorgeous and am most of the way through finishing them. I think I want to make the blocks into a soft book {they are about 12″ square though?} and the center panel into a small wallhanging {perhaps gifting them both to a new bub?}.


I’m so embarrassed to have this one on the list. Its a project from this day.


We asked our guests to write a little something on squares of linen. This was when I was going through my neutral {I-want-my-house-and-all-the-trimmings-to-be-white-and-cream-and-so-not-child-friendly} stage. I NEED to stitch these together, perhaps with bright bursts of colour to remember our day, and the gorgeous snippets of love, well-wishes and gorgeous notes left by our guests and the children there.



This one is a project I made when keerabelle kids {my handmade kids’ clothes and accessories stint} was in full swing {about 2009-2010}. I started sewing up some soft toys and cuddlies to sell along with baby wraps, bibs, nappy/diaper bags etc. Was like a full production line and my love for it started to fade when I was spending too many monotonous hours at my sewing machine. This little baby stacker is a heather bailey pattern that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it online. I’ve made most of the rings, just a couple to unpick and finish up. Might hang onto this one.


I’ve a cross-stitch project that I started the same time I started the hatched and patched angels quilt so this project is also nearing 10 years old. I’m not going to post pictures, and I’m not going to add it to the list – this one is a full on project that I will pick up just every so often and add more stitches to. Completely unthinkable to aim to finish it this year {what with all the quilting and upcoming patterns to release!} but one that will sit around. The thrill when I make the last stitch, and the times during the past 10 years that I’ve sat up and worked on it – through breakups, and new loves, wedding planning, house moving, pregnancy, attempts at breast-feeding – many ups and a few downs all rolled into one project.

Do you have any projects like this lying around? Hop on over to AJ’s site and add your commitment to finish them off for 2014! Would love you to join us.





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  1. says

    What a great idea to Kick the Bucket!
    Sadly I have no WIPs older than one year, YET!!! In the upcoming months there will be a few that fall into this category, though, ha ha!

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