Christmas Craft With Kids!

I love the Christmas school holidays! I spend the end of school term creating and crafting all things Christmas with my kiddos, then get to come home and craft with my girls. It really is a magical time of the year, and I love that some of the craft activities we do now were things we were making and doing with my own mum as a child.

This list is some of my favourite craft activities and some I’ve pinned along the way to try once Poppy and Lil are that bit older. I’d love for you to share some of your favourite crafting ideas and tips when creating with kids! Be sure to comment below with any suggestions for our readers.

These felt Christmas trees for toddlers and children look so much fun! We have only one Christmas tree, and I’m looking forward to this being the first Christmas the girls are old enough to decorate it with us {as well as leave the baubles well enough alone!} ;-). I do love this idea though, and can see two little girls having so much fun decorating and rearranging all the felt pieces. This link from Chelsea at Two Twenty One provides a full tutorial as well as patterns for the felt ornaments.

We’ve decorated so many Christmas baubles over the years! We’ve made DIY glitter name baubles, melted perler beads, mini photo frames from popsicle sticks and more. I love these little thumb-print reindeer ornaments from Little Bit Funky. So cute, and a beautiful keepsake of those teeny little fingerprints!

More fingerprint ornament love! There are so many options to suit your Christmas decor!

We made these little glass handprint baubles for each of the girls for their first Christmas. It is such a gorgeous keepsake {I’m too scared to put them on the tree for fear of them falling and breaking!}. I love these salt dough ones also which can be painted or glazed to last a lifetime.

Paper crafts are always a hit with children, and these mini paper angels from Craft Train are just so great! You may need to help with littles, but most 6+ years should find them easy to make without too much assistance.

These paper-plate baubles are great for little artists and allow them to pick and choose collage materials. We’ve made these with scraps of fabric, tissue paper and aluminium foil. They are super effective and perfect size for younger children to attempt.

I love these paper-plate trees also.

Christmas Card making is always a hit. These button bauble cards are super effective and so simple – just grab your spare button jar and some blank cards.

These paint-chip tree cards are also really beautiful, and can be easily made by little people!

And these perfect pasta wreaths. Oh my cuteness!

Christmas cooking always involves the kids. We bake and decorate cookies {which usually get eaten very quickly!}, and make Rocky Road slice and Mango Chutney for gifting in hampers. We love these little reindeer cookies from Baker Girl and have added them to our Christmas cooking plan!

Any craft using natural elements ticks all my boxes. We go on a lot of scavenger hunts at school before creating and crafting our artworks so these pinecone Christmas trees are just divine in my eyes. How beautiful would these look as a table centrepiece or tree ornament! <3!

And as a final craft activity for this Christmas with your kiddos – how about creating a keepsake that lasts forever? This gorgeous Christmas tree skirt with updated hand prints is just awesome! What a precious thing to be able to look back each year to see how much your little ones have grown!

Happy crafting! Remember to add your links, ideas and suggestions in the comments for more Christmas crafting with kids!

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